Steve Anderson


August 2008

I spent my adolescence in Scotland and still harbor a hankering to move back at some point, preferably to the Hebrides or Orkney. I look forward to de-confusing my life at some point and am trying to find an occupation which would fit this lifestyle change. I am afraid my pipe dream contains chickens, some home grown vegetables, and maybe the odd sheep, although I know enough about sheep to know they are tricky customers, and have many and varied ways of committing suicide. Perhaps a healthy dollop of global warming might help as well, however the Hebrides do not get that cold as they sit firmly on the Gulf stream. I find myself attracted to all things Gaelic, especially the music, and enjoyed very much the Mull music festival last year, with its mix of very traditional and contemporary musical offerings.

I enjoy the humanity of life and find myself getting close to people whom I have never met. I found my self mourning the death of Willie Rushton, John Peel and particularly Humphrey Littleton when they died rather unexpectedly. Irrational I know but there are some people who seep into every fiber quietly and unannounced, and who are very much missed when they are gone.

I bought some water colours the other day and am currently plucking up courage to expose myself as  an artistic no hoper, well we can all dream! I enjoy good design in all of its myriad forms and have done some simple plans for a beach house which uses an inverted fishing boat as a self supporting roof structure, although I doubt that modern planning authorities would allow such a thing. I have also designed a few simple jugs which I would like to have made up in stainless steel. I also enjoy my digital camera, and extend an uneducated enthusiasm for my compositions, some of which work, more by accident than planning. When at my most carried away, usually after a quiet beer or two, I take to a musical instrument, a harmonica, or tin whistle, or occasionally my clarinet. I am afraid that my enjoyment of all of these instruments comes with the same enthusiastic lack of education that guides my photography. It is these instruments which probably make me an unwelcome house guest at times. The best avoidance technique is to divert me from the pub, and hide my Dubliners CD.

I am currently engaged in completing my mothers probate, a very boring and time consuming process which I am looking forward to completing so I can go back to work, which should give you an idea of what fun probate is. I can understand why solicitors have to charge so much for their probate services.

It has just snowed here and the South coast has been temporarily transformed in to a Santa's grotto, something which does not happen very often, so I have been charging round the garden with a camera like a 5 year old child, where is the surprise in that, those that know me will ask.

I have just rediscovered my bicycle having  had it fettled by Reg our local expert, and a fresh and slightly sweaty new world has opened up to me. The weather has been lovely for the last week or so and I have been cycling out and about gathering flies in the sunshine, and losing small amounts of girth, all good news.


I like to keep a bottle of stimulant handy in case I see a snake, which I also keep handy.  (W.C Fields)