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Transatlantic blog page 3

November 2007

REPORT 3 (5 Dec 2007)


Dear Land Dwellers!


As an initiate Sea dweller my schooling into this marine based lifestyle has been through the college of hard knocks. I am looking forward to seeing whether the reversal process once we are back on dry land will also require me to run head first into palm trees and other immovable objects at random intervals throughout the day. My recommendation to you if you were to plan something similar, would be to include in your packing list, protective cricketing apparel, if not the full American football body armour. The choice is yours!

We have, you may have gathered endured more squally conditions, however we now seem to be getting into what was described at the weather briefing as "champagne sailing", this is all well and good but champagne gives me heartburn.

Putting all of that to one side Thalia is enjoying fizzing down the front of large atlantean rollers, and my heat rash has arrived so things must be getting better, and we have only just passed the halfway point.

On the wildlife front the most predominant species is now the humble flying fish. We have not seen dolphins for 4-5 days now, and very few birds. I was wondering if you could incorporate the DNA of a flying fish into the athletic Atlantic salmon, you could restock Scotland's dwindling grouse moors with fresh farmed flying salmon to provide sport to the chosen few! Oh well just a thought, you can see what this is doing to my mind.

Talking of fish squid lure 002 went missing overnight, we think probably into the jaws of some unfeasibly large sea monster, as the small wire end to which the line was attached was stretched out of all recognition. So we only have squid lure 003 left out of our arsenal of lunching weaponry, 003 was the most expensive and therefore by default the one most likely to go missing without so much as sprat on the dinner table, flying or otherwise.

Our first Sunday at sea brought unimaginable delicacies by way of celebration, 3 of Matthew's finest Fray Bentos pies were uncorked and served on disposable plates (no washing up) with fine Canarian boiled new potatoes and Flageolet beans which were in themselves garnished with parsley from Fi's gimballed window box, and fresh garlic probably from the far golden shores of the Isle of Wight. Us 3 chaps toasted our progress through the passage of time by polishing off the bottle of Jura whisky presented to Ivan by BSC. Unfortunately someone had got to the bottle before us and our celebration was restricted to about 3 thimbles each, about enough to get a hint of the peaty aroma so redolent of the Island from whence it came. Ah happy days.

Thalia's gaff rig is proving to be very suitable for the predominant trade winds which we are now experiencing. With her huge main sail area driving us well, Ivan has rigged a preventer which has protected us from some of the more lurching effects of the swell and the occasional lapse of concentration.

Ah lunch is ready, so as I reach for the shin guards and head for the deck, it's time to cast off...


So until next time au revoir from Ivan, Fi, Sasha, Mat and Mr Bump (Stevo)