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November 2007

The following 10 pages are the blog which I wrote while we were taking part in the 2007 Atlantic rally for cruisers, (The ARC) on board Thalia, a beautiful old racing yacht built in 1889, and probably the oldest boat to complete the rally. The ARC allows yachts of all shapes and sizes to cross the Atlantic together, in our rally there were 235 yachts on the start line. This provides a safe platform for a crossing as there are always other yachts within calling distance should a catastrophe strike.
















REPORT 1 (24 Nov 2007)


Dear Cold People                                                              


We are currently teetering on the brink of departure. Start 1300 25 Nov.

Lying Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, next to First 40.7, Combat, skippered by Jake Jefferis & Georgie on their first commercial transatlantic. So the presence of Bosham sailing Club is being well and truly felt by the World Cruising Club!

Everything is stowed and Thalia now lies 6 inches lower in the water, as you can see from the photo water water everywhere and every drop to drink ! ( roughly 260 litres).

Trade winds are due to develop favourably in for the start and continue for the passage, fingers crossed ! So an estimated crossing time of around 20 days.

Thalia impressed the scrutineers by being one of the only boats to pass all inspections first time and with brand new mast head light and all mod cons carefully concealed behind the 120 year old veneer, and is the oldest boat in a fleet of over 200 by at least 80 years.

Deck comforts have been improved by the latest inflatable technology, blow up chair in the form of bunnies and a rubber ring !

Las Palmas will be empty by tomorrow afternoon and the bars of St Lucia will be bracing themselves for our imminent arrival. Talking of which we all hope profits have at the Bosham Sailing Club bar have not taken too much of a dive in our absence!

More news as it happens, but no more photos until St. Lucia, so stay tuned for updates as the adventure unfolds.....


All the best

Ivan & Fi , Stevo (me) , Sasha, Matt

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing than simply messing about on boats!

Water rat. Kenneth Grahame.

Water water everywhere...

Thalia on the start line