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November 2007

REPORT 2 (29 Nov 2007)

Dear clean people!


We are now into day 4 and everything is going to plan, we have had a few bits of unsettled weather but nothing too scary. So far 6 out of 7 headsails have seen action, the large one with the rust stains and mouse hole proving by far the best for the trades. All of this hard work has resulted in some worn hands and weight loss, although the latter might be due to the lack of a barrel of Ringwood on board.

Fishing so far has been a slow starter, squid lure 001 was launched yesterday for a few hours, and when checked had made a break for freedom. Squid lure 002 was then deployed however we are still 'No sushi' instead of 'Yo sushi'. Despite this we have been feasting on fridge fresh Canarian chicken which was so generously proportioned we think 'Pollo' normally the phrase for chicken has a Canarian variation and actually means ostrich.

We have seen a number of pods of very small and relaxed dolphins or porpoises which tend not to stay for long, however 4 or 5 arrived in time for supper last night and were with us for about half an hour. These appearances could explain the fate of squid no 001!

We also regularly see small black birds which glide perilously close to the waves, as yet I have not witnessed one overcook the situation and cartwheel off to port, but will keep you posted if this does happen. So far however no other wild life other than that on board of course.

We have organised our watches so we can all have 8 hours sleep which means we are all feeling fresher to do the things which need doing like - well - sleep!

The breeze now seems to have settled down into typical trade wind conditions with friendly fluffy clouds floating across the sky and the occasional squall cloud to keep us on our toes, so far we have missed them.

Fi's blow up bunny chair (age 0-3) is feeling cranially deflated, having suffered a small head puncture on deck, I am waiting for the champagne sailing as it was described to inflate mine and soak up the situation in unrivalled comfort.

We have just entered the international shorts zone where attire has to change from trousers to shorts, and in conforming to this rule I have just counted 6 good sized bruises around my knees, it would appear my higher centre of gravity is a disadvantage. I have rectified this situation by spending considerable amounts of time on my back.

I am fighting the temptation to paint too cheery a picture, stiff upper lip and all that.


Until next time, a fond adieu.


Team Gaffer.