Steve Anderson

Transatlantic blog page 4

November 2007

REPORT 4 (9 Dec 2007)


Dear Unsalted.


Well here we are just under 1000 miles to go, we celebrated this unforgettable event with...... Fi  - what did we celebrate with? Oh yes mixed nuts. I am not sure by which democratic process the celebration committee decided that the sub 1000 milestone would be a 'Mixed nutter' but that's what we had and my, how we deserved them.

The sea has been lumpy to say the least with the occasional wave slipping quietly down the side deck to moisten the nether unannounced, or more often gushing with exuberance through the rail. The latter has become known as a "Quaffer" suitably onomatopoeic, but we are still in debate as to the spelling."Kwaffa, quaffer, coiffeur - who knows?

We have not had many of the much advertised Atlantic rollers but more a hotch-potch of confused English Channel.

A direct result of all of this deck water is that everything above decks has a layer of crystallized salt on it which causes clothes and towels etc to feel constantly damp. I have personal experience of the salt when Fi delivered a very welcome bowl of soup and a warm baguette, one small lurch and my soup leapt out of the bowl and onto the plastic gingham hatch cover table cloth. It was dark and not many people were watching so I bulldozered my soup off the edge and back into the bowl with the handy buttered french bread in my other hand, and I can tell you that on the second tasting the soup was definitely over seasoned.

Mathew and Ivan have been experimenting with different ways to present the perfect amount of sail, and Mat now feels he has enough material for a best seller called '5 ways to reef your gaffer'! I might wait for the film to come out.

I was lying in my bunk the other night after a late watch in a state of semi awareness, and found myself listening to the myriad of noises a lumpy sea can inflict. It sounded like we had a particularly malevolent poltergeist on board who was learning to juggle with the ships glassware, its amazing that you somehow get used to this hullabaloo and sleep.

News update on the wild life front I found a dead flying fish (not quite wild life I grant you) on the deck this morning and while up there cast a glance to port just in time to see the back of a small whale surface for air and then vanish again. I am not sure which one it was but it was not big, 15-20 feet in length maybe. Most exciting! We are viewing this as a good omen and the weather looks brighter, and the swell has decreased a bit already, so hopeful back to standard trade wind conditions and some champagne sailing.

Sasha is a boon to have onboard, apart from her sunny disposition she has helped translate some of the more eclectic ARC weather reports into useable English, and spread light onto the darkness which is, for the rest of us, the handicap system used.


Ah, lunch is nearly ready so must go, its all go go go round here.


So until more to report,


Farewell from the Salted.